Thai Prime Minister Bayu meets with Alibaba Jack Ma to help Thailand 4.0 and Cross-border electric dealers “Thai rice” will be sold in the day cat

“VISION THAI saw Thailand,” China electric business leader Alibaba Group executive Chairman Ma Yun on April 19 with the Thai Prime Minister Bayu (Prime minister H.E Prayuth) in the Thai chancellery to meet, For Thailand and Alibaba Group in E-commerce, talent cultivation, digital technology, tourism and investment in all aspects of cooperation to carry out talks.

After the meeting, Alibaba Group and Thailand Ministry of Industry and Tourism Bureau, and other departments signed 4 memoranda, is expected to help Thailand to develop “Thailand 4.0″ (Thailand 4.0) and Thai rice to enter the Chinese market through Cross-border Electronic business. ”

Alibaba not only invests in business but also helps Thailand’s regional development

After the meeting, the company told the media that he had said that Thailand would not only like to cooperate with Alibaba Group, but would also like to use Alibaba Group’s strength to help the development of Thailand’s regions. Mr Ma gave a positive response, noting that Alibaba Group did not want to focus solely on business issues, because Alibaba Group already had enough money.

Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak said Alibaba Group had decided to invest in the digital intelligence hub (Smart Corridor hub) project of the Eastern Economic Corridor (Eastern Economic Digital, EEC), Because of the company’s economic environment and Thailand’s government-driven “Thai 4.0″ full of confidence. ” He added that the digital intelligence hub would cascade Thailand’s small and medium-sized enterprises, agricultural groups and otop to help them enter China and other markets smoothly.

Thai Ministry of Commerce and Alibaba to sell Rice at Cat flagship store

In addition, the Thai Ministry of Commerce has opened its flagship store in the Alibaba Group’s electric business platform, Tmall, the Commerce Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong said the flagship store will effectively help Thai rice and rice exporters enter the Chinese market, As long as the members can be sold through the day cat. In addition, the Ministry of Commerce and Alibaba Group joined hands on the electric business website to launch the Thai durian promotional activities, the future will be more to launch the promotion of Thai fruit, such as bamboo, mango, coconut, sakyamuni and so on.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry will work with Alibaba Business School (Business School) to help Thai entrepreneurs promote their export business through E-commerce.

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泰國大米 天貓 馬雲 泰國跨境電商 泰國4.0 阿里巴巴集團

泰國大米 天貓 馬雲 泰國跨境電商 泰國4.0 阿里巴巴集團

泰國大米 天貓 馬雲 泰國跨境電商 泰國4.0 阿里巴巴集團

Image source: The Nation



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