Thai Teaw Thai 51st

Thai Teaw Thai event is a popular tourism exhibition presenting tourism-related businesses in Thailand. This event was first launched in 2002, and it is still ongoing. Thai Teaw Thai will be launched again for the 51st time on 27th to 30th June 2019. There are approximately 1,000 businesses in tourism industries joining the exhibition.

Thai Teaw Thai in QSNCC (Picture from FB:งานไทยเที่ยวไทย)

Thai Teaw Thai 51st will take place at BITEC Bangna, EH 101-102. This event is believed to consist of the biggest amount tourism businesses joining as exhibitors. The exhibition visitors will be able to see a wide range of tourism-related businesses from hotels, resorts, restaurants, attractions, souvenirs, transportation companies, travel agencies, airlines, and more.

Thai Teaw Thai 51st (Picture from FB:งานไทยเที่ยวไทย)

This will be a great opportunity for everyone to find all the information about virtually every tourism-related business in Thailand. There are undoubtedly some special promotions from the exhibitors of the event which is also a critical reason for trip planners to visit the event. More interestingly, there are a lot of local food and some cultural shows in the event. Above all, the event is one of the must-see events in June 2019.

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