Taiwan women travel to Thailand accused of sexual assault in Bangkok massage the owner said that if it were not true, she would sue the Taiwanese woman.

“VISION THAI saw Thailand comprehensive report” Taiwan women to Thailand Bangkok tourism by the male massage division of the case is now accepted, Thai police will 27-year-old suspect brought back to police interrogation, initially suspects do not recognize the crime, and then argued that the woman agreed not to force. The police will continue the investigation according to the evidence of the victim’s injury report and record.

According to Thai media reports, the incident massage shop Tony Thai Massage, owner of FAI, said the suspect admitted that there has been sexual intercourse with Taiwan, but also since the Qing is the Taiwan women have the desire to happen. The owner also explained that the whole case was now in the vetting stage, but the shopkeeper said that there were still some suspicious points, such as if they were raped, why did they not shout for help? Massage room space is wooden floor, if there is resistance, will make a sound, downstairs will hear. It also questioned why the Taiwanese woman returned to the suspect 100 baht when she went downstairs.

According to Thai media reports, massage shop Tony Thai Massage’s owner FAI with Thai media site to see the 2 floor, is a spacious massage room, there are 5 massage bedding, each distance of 25 centimeters, there are curtains, customers will change the curtain pull, the same day female massage position near the glass window, She was the only one who had no other clients, but if the Taiwanese screamed or struggled, make sure the downstairs would hear. The Thai correspondent Downstairs said the other people were walking on the 2 floor, and the downstairs did hear a sound. Staff of the massage shop also said that the same day did not hear the abnormal sound, and the same day when the woman left the appearance of the same, and to tip the suspect.

According to Thai media reports, the owner of Tony Thai Massage FAI said that if the investigation is indeed rape, will immediately dismiss. If it is confirmed that the suspect is true, it is consensual intercourse between the two parties, but because of sexual intercourse in violation of our rules, after the whole case, the suspect will be interviewed, may let him suspend work or punishment. And Tony Thai massage will sue the woman because her behavior has damaged the store’s reputation.

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[Caption Id= “attachment_48706” align= “AlignCenter” width= “600”] 台女赴泰按摩遭性侵 泰國按摩 泰國旅遊 Site of the incident (Photo source: AMARINTV) [/caption]

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