Taiwan women traveling to Thailand travel massage suspected sexual assault police regulation surveillance photography backstage girl and give the suspect tip

“VISION THAI saw a comprehensive compilation of Thai women to travel to Bangkok, Thailand, 12th this month with friends to visit the city of Bangkok (Thong lor) Su Kunwei 23 Lane (Sukhimvit 23) of the Tony THAI massage massage, male massage division has been the case of sexual assault has been accepted , the suspect admitted to having sex with the Taiwanese woman, but said she volunteered. The incident caused Tai-Tai bilateral concern, Tong Luo (thonglor) Police Procuratorate has pulled out the location of the incident Tony Thai massage massage Shop Surveillance film launched an investigation.

According to Thai media reports, the Thonglor Police department in charge of the case of the Pitsanuphol Detsri pointed out that the Tony Thai massage Shop has been pulled out of the surveillance camera records, the investigation found that the women downstairs after the 1 floor to pay the counter, from the film observation, Taiwan women reaction is no different kind of, And tip the suspect, the police said, will further investigation and interrogation of witnesses, it also means that both sides need to be treated equally.

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