6 Big Thai Beauty makeup maintenance brand will buy the Bangkok Terminal 21 Shopping center terminal Asok a stop to buy Qi

Thailand’s beauty makeup products due to the price of pro-people and easy to use, in recent years widely favored by overseas tourists, a few hot Thai beauty makeup maintenance brand Beauty buffet, Beauty Cottage, Cosluxe, cute press, mistine, Snail white … In the “Bangkok Terminal 21 shopping Center” (Terminal Asok Shopping Mall) are found, do not need to run around to buy QI, to see the following must buy Star products recommended!

泰國美妝 泰國品牌 Beauty Buffet 曼谷航站購物中心Terminal 21 Asok

│ will buy Thai beauty makeup brand 1:beauty Buffet

Where there are: Beauty buffet @ Bangkok Terminal Asok 3 floor (room 3103-3104)

Thailand chain beauty brand beauty buffet Milk series added Q10 and whitening essence and greatly popular, such as: Milk Whitening Goodnight Mask (whitening Q10 sleeping Mask), the United States white film (whitening facial), Whitening Facial Exfoliating (Whitening facial scrub), Q10 Milk Whitening bath Gel (Whitening, Milk Bath Cream coenzyme), Milk Q10 Facial Cleanser (Q10 whitening) … And so on are quite hot.

泰國美妝 泰國品牌 Beauty Cottage 曼谷航站購物中心Terminal 21 Asok

│ will buy Thai beauty makeup brand 2:beauty Cottage

Where there are: Beauty Cottage @ Bangkok Terminal Asok 3 floor (room 3124-3125)

Packaging design retro elegant, shop style full of French country wind, Thai beauty brand Beauty Cottage, advertised not to do animal experiments, not using carcinogenic preservatives and famous. Hot sale includes, elegant impression half fog lip balm (elegant impressionist semi-matte lipstick), each section fragrant and full-bodied hand cream (Victorian romance, Hand Cream/lilla Rose luxury Ha nd Cream) …, are the star goods that are swept away by the goods.

In addition to the above Thai beauty makeup brand, Thailand Cosmetics and maintenance chain Eveandboy and beauty station are also very good to buy, the two major beauty chain in Bangkok terminal Asok have set cabinets, mistine, Snail White all have, cute Press and Cosluxe can be bought in Eveandboy, very convenient.

[Caption Id= “attachment_49123” align= “AlignCenter” Width= “2000”] 泰國美妝連鎖店 EVEandBOY Beauty Station The two big Thai beauty store chain Eveandboy and beauty station in Bangkok Terminal Asok Shopping center have set up cabinets [/caption]

Where are:

Beauty Station @ Bangkok Terminal Asok 3/F (3114-3116)

eveandboy@ Bangkok Terminal Asok 3/F (sh3008)

泰國美妝 泰國品牌 Cute Press 曼谷航站購物中心Terminal 21 Asok

│ will buy Thai beauty makeup brand 3:cute Press

Cute press, known as the Thai Body Shop, is the best-selling lip gloss and lip gloss (Goodbye dry Lips Moisturizing Lip cream/marine Magic and collagen lipstick/beauty and T He Beast Comfort Matte liquid LIP), in addition and Disney launched a series of make-up, product complete, packaging cute and easy to use, since its launch has been widely popular.

泰國美妝 泰國品牌 Cosluxe 曼谷航站購物中心Terminal 21 Asok

│ will buy Thai beauty makeup brand 4:cosluxe

Thailand parity make-up brand Cosluxe is the most famous eyebrow color merchandise, the United States and makeup tribal network red unanimously push the brand eyebrow pencil lasting waterproof and anti-dizzy dyeing, affordable, may wish to start a try.

泰國美妝 泰國品牌 Snail White 曼谷航站購物中心Terminal 21 Asok

│ will buy Thai beauty makeup brand 5:snail White

Thai snail white to use snail mucus extract research and development of products known, Thai stars also love the whitening snail cream snail White, upgraded version of the second generation of high-performance snail face cream … And so on, rich in the skin of the snail mucus essence, are required to buy beauty.

泰國美妝 泰國品牌 Mistine 曼谷航站購物中心Terminal 21 Asok

│ will buy Thai beauty makeup brand 6:mistine

Famous Thai beauty makeup brand mistine in the local star endorsement under the name of a household name, Super good eye makeup products are popular at home and abroad, such as large eye waterproof mascara (prolong big Eye Waterproof mascara, charming full effect eyeliner pen (Maxi Black Eyeliner), the ultimate full Effect eyeliner pen (Super Black Fixed liner) … And so on, the beauty of the tribal guest between mouth, and affordable, 150 baht have to find.

The same field Gayon : In addition to the above 6 Thai brands, from the British pharmaceutical brand Boots is also worth a visit, of which the best-selling British brand Soap & Glory, there are many hot star products worth a try!

泰國美妝 泰國品牌 曼谷Boots 曼谷航站購物中心Terminal 21 Asok

English make-up brand Soap & Glory

Where are: boots @ Bangkok Terminal Asok LG Building (LG010 Room)

British brand Soap & Glory introduced the Honey Body Scrub (Sugar Crush), specially dispel the dark eye pouch edema fine lines of eye film Puffy Eye attack and the rushower dry cleaning hair … and other products cost-effective, recommended to start!



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