Taiwan female Guante was sexually abused Thai media site to explore the incident massage shop listed doubtful: Near the red light district, poor sound insulation “film Direct hit”

Taiwanese women travel to Thailand, 11th this month with friends to the Bangkok, Thong lor Su Kunwei 23 Lane (Sukhimvit 23) of the Tony Thai massage massage, suspected male massage division sexual assault, Taiwan 12th police, and Thai suspects two-made each holding the story, At present, the whole case has entered into the investigation, and Taiwan and Thailand have aroused high bilateral concern.

Taiwan women Guante was sexually abused a case, the Thai tourist image, the following comprehensive remit of the Thai media to cite the doubts, as well as the bright TV actual exploration of the massage Courtyard film content.

Thai means suspect 1: The scene of the incident noise is poor

Thai media bright TV actually probed the incident massage courtyard, because the scene of the 2 floor for the wood floor, the Thai media team on the 1 floor, the host in the field on the 2 floor, and the audience to listen to see whether a slight move will send to the 1 floor of the sound, and in the film mentioned the incident there were other 10 consumers.

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Thai Media point 2: Although the owner said that no provision of sexual services, but the store near the red light district

In the film, Thai media on-site visits to the vicinity of the massage shop, the massage shop location near the red light district of Bangkok, a number of massage shops stand at the door to dress special employees, and generally wearing uniforms of the regular massage shop is different.

Thai means suspect 3: Tips for suspects after surveillance cameras

Taiwan women travel to Thailand suspected massage therapist sexually assaulting police surveillance photography backstage girl and give the suspect tip

The incident triggered a high level of concern between Taiwan and Thailand, the current case has entered the investigation, is the Taiwan women sexually abused or consensual sexual intercourse? Wait for the bottom.

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