Thai transsexual immunization certification from “mental disorder” to “gender identity disorder” of the hands of the TGA Executive Director Jetsada Taesombat

“Vsion THAI see Thailand every April in addition to the lively Thai New Year Song Festival (commonly known as the water-sprinkling festival), but also many Thailand’s 21-year-old men face significant changes in the moment, in addition, many transgender people are suffering from the hearts of all parties concerned about the life course.”

Thailand for conscription, in addition to voluntary enlistment, if the number of people will be in accordance with the rules of the lottery procedures, the 21-Year-old Thai men must draw lots to decide whether to enlist. The difficulties and unequal treatment of transgender people in the face of draft balloting include the inclusion of the 4th category of immunizations (insanity), which leads to future study and employment, and even to the application of the country. In the “Thai transgender People’s Union Human Rights Foundation” (Foundation of Thai Transgender Alliance for Human Rights; TGA), to move forward gradually.

Sor Dor 43 wrote the reason for the immunization from “insanity” to “gender identity disorder” is a leap forward. jetsada:”We do not want the military to give special privileges to transgender people, but rather to treat everyone with a code of conduct that conforms to human rights principles. 」

VISION THAI saw Thailand’s special interview with TGA executive Director Jetsada Taesombat, sharing this section of the rights of the road. Jetsada of the Department of Social Development, after graduating from the Thai Rainbow Sky Association (Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand) internship, after the end of the Mashidon University (Mahidol University) work, access to gender organizations, The last choice was to work in the Thai Transgender union (Thai Transgender Alliance), now the Thai transgender People’s Union Human Rights Foundation.

Referring to Sor Dor (certificate of Military exemption, certificate of exemption from military service), Jetsada said: “In the case of the Samart Meecharoen (Namwarn), he went to the National Human Rights Commissioner for help.” At that time, if transgender people went to conscription, the certificate of exemption would be classified as the 4th type of immune (insanity), so that in the future they would be in study and employment, and even going abroad would be difficult. 」

Jetsada continued: “Therefore, in 2006, the TGA appealed to the Thai Administrative Court, which took 6 years, and eventually the Administrative Court approved the amendment in 2011 to change the grounds for immunization from” insanity “to” gender identity disorder “. 」

“In addition, the TGA has another claim that it does not want to be classified as a category 4th immunization,” Jetsada said. “All recruiters will be divided into 4 categories: 1. Physical fitness, suitable for the army. 2. The body is not qualified, not suitable for the army. 3. Has the temporary condition, cannot recover in 30 days, first the immunization, next year draws lots again. 4. The right to immunization is available to persons with disabilities, disabled persons and mental disorders. “jetsada that” the closest should be the 2nd category, the reason being “Gender identity disorder” (Gender identity does not match the assigned birth sex), rather than category 4th. As a result, the military began using the term “gender identity disorder” since 2012. 」

Since the 1th-year decree came into force until now 6 years, Jetsada said: “”tga and related units every year from April 1 to 12th in Thailand everywhere to draw lots to do on-site observation, list the problems encountered in the process, and provide data and advice to the military and the Ministry of Defense, in order to find a mutually beneficial solution. ” 」

[Caption Id= “attachment_48772” align= “AlignCenter” width= “640”] 泰國徵兵 泰國變性 泰國徵兵抽籤 Sor Dor 43 wrote the reason for the immunization from “insanity” to “gender identity disorder” is a leap forward [/caption]

Sor Dor 43, the reason for the immunization, from “insanity” to “gender identity disorder” is a leap forward. “We hope the military will improve their attitudes and approach to transgender people during the lottery,” Jetsada said. In fact, we do not want the military to give special privileges to transgender people, but rather to treat everyone with a code of conduct that conforms to human rights principles. 」

“Jetsada said:” 10 years ago, the transsexual who had been doing chest surgery to undress in public, when everyone put such a phenomenon as a joke. “Today, many problems have gradually improved.

Referring to the problems that transgender people generally encounter when taking part in the Thai draft lottery, Jetsada that it is mainly about lack of information, sexual harassment and media reports that are not objective. TGA will provide manuals, videos, etc. as guidelines, and if it is unfortunate to encounter sexual harassment and other problems, will also provide assistance, to date, many problems have gradually improved. Jetsada said: “10 years ago, the transsexual who had had chest surgery to undress in public, so that everyone can see her breasts, even at that time, we all put such a phenomenon as a joke.” 」

Although the above problems have improved, but media turmoil still exists, and in this regard, Jetsada said: “We have found that in recent years the military has improved its treatment of transgender people, but the media are still reporting the news in an impersonal way, such as clowns, or comparing them to the average girl.” Social standards that mislead the public to see transgender people (social norms), as if you are transgender, you are very strange, you are prettier than the girls, or better than the average person to laugh, can be accepted by society. 」

Therefore, TGA this year’s goal is to hope that the media can avoid them as a freak, clown, ask questions do not always revolve around what surgery? How much do you pay? These problems are obviously disrespectful to them. I hope the media can focus on their ideas, for example, before coming to the army to do those preparations … These aspects.

jetsada:”I hope that we can look at the world in an inclusive manner, and know that the world is gender-diverse, not only men and women, but if prejudice blocks your horizons, you may miss the chance to meet someone else. 」

Thais have many kinds of names for transgender people, such as กะเทย (Ka-toey), คนข้ามเพศ (Transgender), สาวประเภทสอง (Ladyboy), which one should be used to not offend?

To this, Jetsada share, “a lot of people will prefer the word สาวประเภทสอง (ladyboy), because very close to” girls. But if, as a human rights defender, I think the word สาวประเภทสอง has a sort of meaning (ประเภท Swahili is “class” and สอง is “two”). and คนข้ามเพศ (transgender/Transgender) is a new word from English translation, if in the remote place, or with the older transgender people mentioned, they do not understand. กะเทย (Ka-toey) is the closest to our cultural customs, and even the people in neighboring countries use the same words to refer to those who do not conform to the standard of behaviour of men and women in general. I hope the word ka-toey in the future will have the same meaning as the foreign queer. Previously queer had a negative meaning, but the gender activists used it to make it positive, and finally became the word that was commonly used to represent themselves in that group. But in any case, I am very respectful of the above address. 」

At the end of the interview, Jetsada wanted to see the Thai audience with vision Thai: “I hope that we can look at the world with an inclusive attitude and know that the world is gender-diverse, not just men and women, and that if prejudice blocks vision and heart, you may miss the opportunity to know and know another person. 」

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