The opening of the Riverside Mall in Bangkok this October iconsiam traffic mode description 2019 Plan link MRT Golden Line

“VISION THAI See Thailand” to create more than 54 billion baht built “Bangkok Riverside Integrated Mall Iconsiam” will be opened this year (2018) October, the total area of 750,000 square meters, including 400 meters riparian land, the world class luxury retail integrated mall. The Bangkok Iconsiam is jointly invested by Thailand’s 3 largest enterprises, including Siam Piwat, MQDC Magnolia Quality Development Corporation and CP Zhengda Group.

Bangkok Iconsiam location, located in the Chao Phraya, Mae Nam River Bank, the coastal historical attractions rich, such as Thailand 3 Buddha Temple: wat Pho , Wat Arun (Dawn Temple), Jade Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace of Bangkok …, It has always been a must-see for tourists at home and abroad. The transportation is convenient, by the Bangkok MRT (BTS) Saphan Taksin (S6) station, you can take the free pick-up barge or the Bangkok Iconsiam to provide the free feeder arrival at the station.

According to the data provided by the Bangkok Iconsiam, it is expected that next year (2019) there will be a new golden line of MRT, directly linked to the Bank of Bangkok Integrated Mall Iconsiam, in the future so that tourists at home and abroad can enjoy convenient means of transport.

[Caption Id= “attachment_48694” align= “AlignCenter” width= “2701”] ICONSIAM SookSiam 幸福暹羅 曼谷河岸綜合商城ICONSIAM 曼谷景點 Bangkok Riverside Integrated Mall Iconsiam will be opened this (2018) October [/caption]

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Cover picture Source: SIAM Piwat (cover picture for Iconsiam 7 highlight area of one of “Sooksiam Happy Siam”

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