Jack Ma effect Thai durian Cat 1 minutes crazy sell 80,000 of the Ministry of Commerce will push Thailand official flagship store

“VISION THAI See Thailand” April 19, the executive chairman of China Electric business leader Alibaba Group and the Thai Prime Minister Bayu (Prime minister H.E Prayuth) met and signed the memorandum ( relevant news reference , Alibaba Group has become an important strategic partner in developing the digital economy and advancing the Chinese market in Thailand.

In response to Thailand and Alibaba Group, the Alibaba Group’s electronic business platform for the launch of the “inspiring Thailand” event, the opening of the purchase of Thai Gold pillow durian, Chinese consumers show a strong purchasing power, goods on line only 1 minutes to sell 40,000 pieces, a total of 80,000 durian, so that Thai Deputy Prime Minister Somkid “We also have bananas, scented rice and other agricultural products,” Jatusripitak said pleasantly. 」

Thai durian through Alibaba’s powerful logistics system, from the origin to the hands of consumers will not be more than 120 hours, Chinese consumers want to taste fresh durian, never unreachable. At the same time, the cat specializes in selection of quality products around the world “inspiring global” theme activities, more recently launched a large number of Thai food concessions, including Thailand’s Origin golden Pillow Durian, black tiger shrimp, coconut green and rice and other agricultural products.

In addition to the production of agricultural products into the Chinese market, according to April 19, the outcome of the talks, the group will assist Thailand to develop e-commerce, talent cultivation, digital technology, tourism and investment projects, including Alibaba Group has decided to invest in the Eastern Economic Corridor (Eastern Economic Corridor , EEC) Project of the Digital Intelligence hub (smart digital hub).

Thai Prime Minister Bayu (Prime minister H.E Prayuth Chan-o-cha) said he also hoped Alibaba Group to help Thailand’s local development, and received a positive response, Ma said:「 Thailand in talent and culture have a unique advantage, With Thailand’s 4.0 policy support, we are confident of Thailand’s future and growth potential, and we are committed to becoming Thailand’s long-term partner to help the country’s digital transformation. 」

At present, the Thai government Ministry of Commerce will open Thailand official flagship store in the cat, and will promote more high-quality agricultural products exported to the Chinese market, to bring more fresh food to Chinese consumers, while strengthening Thailand’s economic and global trade status.

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