2018 Thai New Year song Dry water-sprinkling festival queer even a total of more than 3,000 people casualties Thai netizens acid: higher than Anglo-American law on the Syrian War casualties

“VISION THAI See the Comprehensive compilation of Thailand” according to Thai media reports, Thai New Year Song Festival (commonly known as the Thai Water festival) 5 days even false, a total of 3,001 traffic accidents nationwide, resulting in 323 deaths, 3,140 people injured, including Chiangmai (Chiang Mai) traffic accidents are the most, A total of 20, the number of injuries is also the largest, a total of 27 people. Chonburi (Chonburi) The largest number of deaths, a total of 6 people.

Thai New Year song festival in the main reason for the traffic accident is wine driving (42.03%), followed by speeding (25.72%), the most traffic accidents are motorcycles (78.53%), of which 65.04% of the motorcycle traffic accident occurred in the direct carriageway, the most likely to occur during the period of traffic accident 16 : The average age of 00 to 20:00,32.61% injured and deceased was 50 years.

The Thai government has set up 2,031 checkpoints on various roads and dispatched more than 60,000 staff to inspect the vehicles, and according to statistics, checkpoints have stopped more than 880,000 vehicles for inspection, of which more than 170,000 persons have been dealt with in accordance with the law, most of which violate the rule of not wearing helmets and driving without a license.

Every year, the Thai water-splashing festival is the peak of accidental casualties, queer, Thailand netizens acid,2018 Thai water-sprinkling festival than Anglo-American law on the Syrian war casualties are higher.

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