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月有陰晴圓缺;人有悲歡離合。先向各位報平安,曼谷拉差帕頌四面佛爆炸案,VT 團隊都安好。對於受難者及其家屬,則感到不捨、難過,希望全案早日偵破。這起爆炸案凸顯許多泰國內外部問題,本期彙整相關新聞,陳述目前全案發展及社會現象,希望由小見大,反思更多亦值得關注的議題。


Life has its ups and downs just like the moon waxing and waning. Hope everyone is safe and sound after the Bangkok bomb blast. VisionThai would like to express our deepest condolence for the families of the victims and hope the case could be solved soon. The blast has marked internal and external uncertainties in Thailand. In this issue, we’ve compiled news clips and perspectives regarding the bomb blast at the Phra Phrom at Ratchaprasong intersection.

Wanna escape the hustle and bustle of life and release tensions? Check out our cover story for versatile massage styles in Thailand. After having a soothing and healing SPA, it feels even better to treat yourself with some delicacy. Turn to Holiday Spotlight to celebrate Chinese Mid-Fall festival by tasting the various brands of mooncakes Thailand has to offer. Last but not the least, in Featured Columnist, you will find our analysis of the prospects and challenges for Thailand under China’s “one belt, one road” initiative.


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VISION THAI 看見泰國雜誌2016.9月號


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