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1997 年亞洲金融風暴,福禍相倚,泰國開始思索如何加速重振經濟的腳步。硬實力發展受限,軟實力成功蓬勃開創。產官學互助配合,一股銳不可擋的文化創意力蔓延世界各地,成功打響名號。迎接 AEC 即將啟動,亦早已布局欲將首都曼谷推向東盟時尚中心。


「吃牛排」已然成為約會或美好的代名詞,本期【美食特企】由 VT 帶路 (VT Guru),精選曼谷美味的牛排館。想好好犒賞自己,那麼走吧!今晚來吃牛排吧!

As The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is taking shape, Thailand is already poised to establish its capital Bangkok as AEC’s fashion center. Though hit hard by 1997 Asian financial crisis, Thailand has found its own way to revive economy with soft power. Through joint efforts among university, industry and government, Thailand has made a name for itself in the creative industries around the globe.

The cover story explores Thailand’s booming creative industries. We invites Professor Shangmao Chen to give us an overview of the creative economy. What’s more, Vancelee Teng, one of the top 10 creative directors in Thailand, shares his viewpoint on the outlook of TV Ad Industry. On the other hand, Lakwilai Chokumnouporn also shares her thoughts from a local fashion designer’s view. Last but not the least, Bangkok Fashion Society brings us the fashion trends of fall/winter 2015 with collections from 11 brand names.

Wondering where to go for a romantic dining experience? VT Guru will lead you to these 4 mouth-watering steakhouses in Bangkok. Let’s treat ourselves to a great meal tonight!


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VISION THAI 看見泰國雜誌2016.9月號


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