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本期 VT 雜誌適逢泰國水燈節,特別製作節慶專題一起認識這個美麗的節日。其實,水燈節令我頗有感觸,去年在 Phrom Phong 附近班哲希利公園的人工湖畔湊熱鬧,放眼望去,小朋友們身穿泰國傳統服飾,手捧插著蠟燭和仙女棒的水燈,像極了願望滿溢的金黃噴泉。接著,另個映入眼簾的畫面是一顆顆小朋友的頭從黑漆漆的水面冒上來,他們弄翻水燈、熄滅燭火,一個個翻找許願錢幣。或許是好玩,或許為了生活。小小年紀的認知,願望應該要比生活來得有趣。但對這些在湖裡東翻西找的小朋友而言,比起向河神許願,似乎更相信生活是要付出。那晚夜裡,一盞盞失去燭光的燈在水上漂流。



VT would like to introduce one of the most picturesque festivals Loy Krathong in this issue. Actually, my sentiments were stirred up when I recalled my memories of the festival. Last year, I celebrated Loy Krathong at the artificial lake inside Benjasiri Park around BTS Phrom Phong. Dressed in traditional Thai costumes, children were holding lotus shaped rafts, decorated with candles and sparklers. It looked like they were holding golden fountains streaming down wishes. Then what came after caught my attention. One child after another showed up from the river’s surface, knocking over the rafts and putting out the candle lights, as a result of searching for wishing coins, either for fun or maybe for living. For children as young as their age, making a wish should be more interesting than making a living. However, for those kids who restlessly searching in the lake, they seemed to believe more about making a living on their own rather than about making wishes to the goddess of water. That night, I saw rafts floating in the water with candle lights gone out one after another.

The cover story explores the common street food in Thailand- kway teow. Brought to Thailand by Teochew immigrants in the early years, kway teow has been blended with local cuisines and has come up with a variety of tastes as time goes by. We are honored to invite Dr. Yang from Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand to offer a brief introduction to the origin of kway teow.

Let’s experience Thailand through floating a krathong and tasting a bowl of kway teow.


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VISION THAI 看見泰國雜誌2016.9月號


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