VISION THAI 看見泰國雜誌2017.3月號

對華人父母來說,子女在泰國就讀國際學校,相較於歐美國家,學費及生活費沒那麼高,氣候及環境舒適,因而越來越受華人父母的青睞。去年VISION THAI看見泰國3月號推出的曼谷國際學校專題廣獲好評,今年3月,再度以該主題出發,以更深入的專訪了解各個學校的教育理念、教學方式、 環境…等,除了紙本與電子雜誌,更結合線上網站(VISIONTHAI.NET),同步推出曼谷的國際學校專區,讓各位關心子女教育的父母做為參考。

此外,本期封面特別與泰國插畫家 Suppachai Vongnoppadondacha (Louis Sketcher) 合作,藉由手繪圖像傳遞課業與才藝並重,才能自由、快樂地學習。

For Chinese parents, the cost of tuition and the living expenses required for sending their children to international schools in Thailand, are not as high as those found in America or European countries. The weather and environment are also relatively comfortable compared to their western counterparts. These reasons make international schools in Thailand increasingly popular among Chinese parents. In our March 2016 issue, VISION THAI’s exclusive column about international schools in Bangkok, was well-received by our readers. Therefore, in this year’s March issue, we decided to publish this story again with more in-depth interviews and information. This was done so that our audience will be able to understand the philosophies, teaching approaches, and environment of each particular school. Apart from our print magazine and e-magazine, we will also integrate our website (VISION THAI.NET), by publishing international schools exclusive online section. This information will undoubtedly become useful for Chinese parents who are making decisions for their children’s education and future.

What’s more, for this issue’s cover, we worked with Thai illustrator Suppachai Vongnoppadondacha (Louis Sketcher), to design the artwork. His watercolor design, illustrates a learning environment that offers the balance of academic work, creative activities, and sporting achievements. We believe this is the only way children will be able to freely choose what truly interests them, and eventually develop a passion for learning.


VISION THAI 看見泰國雜誌2017.3月號
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VISION THAI 看見泰國雜誌2017.3月號


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