VISION THAI 看見泰國雜誌2016.3月號

對子女教育投資方面,泰國是個 CP 值很高的國度,尤其在曼谷,擁有許多優質的國際學校,可提供子女性價比高的求學環境。比起歐美國家,曼谷的國際化有目共睹,加上開放、友善的整體環境氛圍,除了結交來自各國的朋友,學習不同的文化,也相對較沒有種族歧視的問題。再者,不論是學費或生活費(機票費),與歐美相比也著實來得輕,且生活有一定水平。曼谷有哪些值得推薦的國際學校?該如何為子女做選擇?正是本期的封面故事。


VISION THAI 看見泰國,泰國全方位華文媒體,除了線上媒體,亦發行月刊,將團隊的心血,化為有重量的實體給讀者們。努力;可以被量化,也不可以被量化。回歸到本期的封面故事,子女的成就可以被量化;也不可以被量化。在望子女成龍鳳時,別忘了那份希望他們快樂、健康成長的初衷。

When it comes to education for children, Thailand is no doubt a cost-effective country to consider. There are plenty of quality international schools in the kingdom, especially in its capital Bangkok. With an open and friendly environment, the cosmopolitan city has relatively less ethnic conflicts and is ideal for children to make friends from various countries and learn about different cultures. What’s more, tuition and living costs in Thailand are relatively low compared to Europe or America. What are the recommended international schools in Bangkok? And how do parents choose for their children? Turn to our cover story for the answers.

In the fashion column, we introduce Thai silk scarf brands and various ways to wear this versatile accessory. With a view to providing readers with high quality and useful content, our team has put a lot of effort into every details, including conception, selection of products, photo shooting, copywriting, drawing, production and so on.

In addition to digital content, Vision Thai, a comprehensive Chinese-language media in Thailand, also issues monthly magazines, with all the effort rendered in hardcopies for readers. Effort cannot be fully measured. The same applies to children’s achievements. While parents are having high expectations for their children, hope they don’t forget that their original intention is to see their children grow up happy and healthy.


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