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廚藝界閃亮的巨星 Carme 來自西班牙,頂著世界唯一擁有7顆米其林星(累計)女主廚的光環,初次造訪曼谷將會激發什麼樣的火花?從米其林盛宴到家常料理,從工作上的一絲不苟到生活中的平易近人,從她身上,見識到了不平凡與平凡。近距離接觸所激發的感觸和體悟,在本期的【封面故事】將娓娓道來。
巴育總理接管政權滿週年,【名家專欄】一起來回顧。【美食】則以「遊走雙城 美食饗宴」為題,以味蕾連結臺北與曼谷兩座城,時尚法菜、創意義菜、泰式分子料理,顛覆了對食材組合的既定印象。【旅遊】則提供了截然不同的選擇,可以跟著泰國觀光局安排的路線,來場知性之旅。也可以在曼谷市區興風作浪,享受與人造浪共舞的樂趣。但這般多姿多采的生活,不是人人都有幸擁有。有一群人,生活在幾乎不被看見的底層,但他們的痛苦不該被深埋。漠視,是變相的霸凌。【新聞特企】簡介羅興亞人的心酸,讓我們花一點時間去看見不一樣的世界。
The cover story features the only female chef awarded Michelin 7 stars in the world, Carme Ruscalleda, who is invited to present Gastronomical Days at Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok. Accompanied by VisionThai, she visits Or Kor Tor, the top 4th fresh market of the world and creates a simple recipe with local ingredients exclusively for our valued readers. Let’s together learn the world-class chef from various perspectives.
To provide decent ideas to holidaymakers, VisionThai bridges Bangkok and Taipei, famous for fusion cuisine to stimulate your taste buds, follows TAT’s suggestions to explore a meaningful trip of Thai tradition and culture, and introduces artificial wave surfing in the city to get rid of heat. Besides, we also summarize what Prime Minister Prayut has achieved since he stepped in power and spotlight the forgotten Rohingya to remind readers of human trafficking.


VISION THAI 看見泰國雜誌2016.9月號
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VISION THAI 看見泰國雜誌2016.9月號


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