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VT 這期【節慶特企】將入境隨俗認識當地的母親節。【人物專訪】安排「女性力」與節日相呼應,儘管受訪者並未具備母親身分,但對事業的付出,就像孕育兒女般。【封面故事】本期以「跟著泰國錢幣旅行」為題,和讀者一起認識每個硬幣圖案所刻畫的美麗景點。【美食】就跟著 EmQuartier 所打造的雙螺旋美食區 The Helix 一起旋轉吧!

The August issue covers 3 exclusive topics. First of all, When Mother’s Day is mentioned, Mandarin speakers commonly refer it to the second Sunday of May, which was founded by Anna Jarvis for maternal bonds in society. However, Holiday Highlight introduces Mother’s Day in Thailand for its distinctiveness from what is recognized in some aspects. Thais mark August 12th, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s birthday as Mother’s Day. Besides, jasmine is used in worship and considered the purity of mother’s love.

To extend the influence of motherhood, VT Interview introduces three successful women to tag female power and observe how they carefully nurture their life and business investments. Second, the cover story follows Royal Thai Mint for a historical and cultural trip. Last but not least, Gourmet loads delicate dining from The Helix inside of The EmQuartier. Finally, dedicating this issue to mothers in the world, we wish them all the best. Happy Mother’s Day!


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VISION THAI 看見泰國雜誌2016.9月號


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