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Vision Thai 看見泰國

Vision Thai 看見泰國,  established in 2014 by Ter (Chit Lee) and Angel Chen, is the number one Chinese-language online media platform in Thailand. It leads in platform-wide traffic, video plays, and social media followers. The venture began when Chit Lee left his role as the head of the Thai subsidiary of a Taiwanese-listed company. Angel Chen’s extensive experience in digital media has helped Vision Thai produce diverse content that attracts to Chinese-speaking audiences in Thailand and those from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysia with an interest in Thai culture and travel.

Achievements of ‘Vision Thai’:
Thailand’s No.1 Chinese Media

Bilingual Interface
Thailand’s only Chinese media offering both Traditional and Simplified Chinese interfaces, reaching a widened Chinese-speaking audience.
Cross-Platform Dominance
Ranked first in cross-platform traffic among Chinese media in Thailand, setting a benchmark in audience reach and engagement.
Speed and Efficiency
Ranked first in Google PageSpeed Insights among Chinese media in Thailand, guaranteeing users a swift browsing experience.
Content Reach
With 9,000 indexed pages on Google and 6,000 on Baidu, it is Thailand’s most searchable Chinese website.
Social Media Prowess
The highest Facebook following and the only Chinese media in Thailand received the Blue Verification Badge.
YouTube Recognition
Sole recipient of the YouTube Silver Creator Awards, a testament to our content excellence.
Video Engagement
Over 15 million video views across platforms, the most viewed Chinese media in Thailand.



Average ranking 8.7 in Google Search.
400,000 Monthly Unique Users (UU).
1,000,000 Monthly Pageviews (PV).
Ranked 1st with 9,000 “Google Indexed Pages” among Chinese websites in Thailand.
Ranked 1st with “6,000 Articles Indexed” on Baidu among Chinese websites in Thailand.


Top Facebook Page Followings for Chinese media in Thailand.
Sole recipient of the Blue Verification Badge.










Video views across all platforms 15M
Thailand’s only Chinese media channel was awarded the YouTube Silver Creator Award.
Ranked 1st in video views across all platforms among Chinese media in Thailand.

News Distribution Channels

The largest news distribution channel among global Chinese news media.
Mainland China : 

Video Channel

Ter V Thai (黑熊V泰國)

“Ter V Thai” is a program hosted by the co-founders of Vision Thai. The “V” symbolizes the mark on the chest blaze of the Asian black bear, the courage of adventure, and also represents “Vlog” and “Viewpoint.” The content focuses on Thailand’s travel and food, as well as trending topics. It is available on various video platforms such as YouTube, Xigua, Bilibili, WeChat Channel, and more. This program is the only Chinese media in Thailand to receive the YouTube Silver Creator Award and has the highest video views across all platforms among Chinese websites in Thailand.

Audience Insight

Our readership consists of Chinese expatriates and business professionals in Thailand, as well as Chinese-speaking individuals from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and other regions interested in various topics related to Thailand and Free Independent Traveler (FIT) groups seeking Thailand travel information.

Hong Kong
Mainland China
Overseas Chinese in Europe and America
The first comprehensive Chinese digital media platform in Thailand, focusing on various aspects of Thailand, including current affairs, business, travel, entertainment, culture, and more. It caters to Chinese-speaking audiences, including business professionals, expatriates, and individuals interested in Thailand from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Malaysia.
A travel agency offering Thailand travel services and Destination Management Services (DMC).
As cross-border marketing facilitators, ‘Thailand Marketing Experts’ have executed hundreds of successful projects. We initially focused on the Thai market and have since expanded to Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, the United States, Japan, and more, achieving significant success.

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